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The Family Wealth Institute

We are proud to introduce The Family Wealth Institute, a pioneering initiative in the G-C-C, Middle East region, specifically designed for next-generation family business entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to equip the future leaders of family enterprises with the essential tools and insights needed for long-term success and innovation.

Our focus is on practical, real-world applications that matter in the complex world of family businesses.


We cover crucial areas like family dynamics, sustainable business practices, and effective wealth management.


This is not about theoretical knowledge; it is about giving the next generation the skills to make a real impact in their family's legacy.

Enclosed, you will find our comprehensive plan for the Institute. The curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by the next generation in family-run businesses.


By joining the Family Wealth Institute, you become part of a community dedicated to nurturing and advancing the future of family enterprises.

This is an invitation to step into a role that shapes not just the future of family-run businesses, but also contributes significantly to our regional economy.


We look forward to welcoming you as a founding member of The Family Wealth Institute, where the next chapter of family business story begins.

The Family Wealth Institute White Paper

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